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Ford 80-bit 3-button Remote Key

Remote keys or also known as chip keys are tools, as we mentioned in previous posts, with a great value between users. They give access to the car and external features which are necessary to be careful about. In addition to the car security, they require a special service for key duplicates, something that we can not always afford.

Ideally, car thefts or loss of keys should happen as little as possible, but even though these are situations no one wishes for, they simply happen. To avoid this it is better to take preventive actions like having key duplicates before an emergency or to improve the car security system.

Have you ever heard about the Ford 80-bit 3-button remote control? If not, this is the ideal moment for you to know more about their functionality, because this key is equipped with advanced functions for old Ford car models.

In case you are interested in this information, keep reading and discover everything about what our locksmiths in California prepared for you. In this post, we will talk from their electronic coding of 80-bit characteristics to a list of car models compatible with their technology.

Ford 80-bit car key characteristics

An 80-bit 3-button key is an excellent security option to implement even in old cars. As we mentioned earlier, its practicality and functionality allow controlling many functions with few movements. 

If you still do not know everything that this type of key has to offer, we will show you below some of the main features of the Ford 80-bit 3-button key so that you can analyze if this is the ideal option for you.

1.- Remote door lock

The locking system works remotely, meaning that with the key it is possible to lock the vehicle’s doors from a distance. This offers great comfort and security for users. 

It also has a remote unlock button. So, it allows you to unlock your car from several meters away, so it will not be necessary to insert a key to enter your vehicle quickly.

2.- Panic Alarm System

The Ford 80-bit 3-button key control has a panic alarm that allows alerting nearby people in case of an emergency. This function is sometimes already integrated into the car’s security system. However, some of them have an independent alarm from the vehicle and must be configured.

3.- 80-bit code technology 

The encoding technology of this type of key is 80 bits, generating a frequency of 325 MHz, which considerably increases its level of security, and consequently, the difficulty of duplicating it is greater.

For it to work, it must carry a CR2032 model battery, which has the FCC ID: CWTWB1U793 or the IC part number: 1788A-FWB1U793.

Advantages of Ford’s 80-bit 3-button chip key

The characteristics of this automotive key already offer fundamental information with great positive points. However, it is necessary to review the advantages that this tool is about to offer us as part of our security system. Next, we will briefly show you some of them:

1.- Unauthorized duplicate prevention

Their radio frequency identification technology of 80 bits provides greater security compared to the rest of the car keys. Its coding complexity makes it particularly difficult to make an unauthorized duplicate key.

2.- Increased functionality

Just 3 buttons are enough for the key to allow everything from locking and unlocking doors to opening the trunk of the vehicle. This detail makes it easier to load and unload luggage and objects from the back of the car.

3.- Easy coding

A Ford 80-bit 3-button control key has the advantage of being easy to program and synchronize with the vehicle’s security system. This means that the key can be used immediately after programming.

Car models that use Ford’s remote key

A control key like the one we presented to you is compatible with many Ford car models. If you want to know if your car can work with this key, we will show you below a list of the models and manufacturing years that are compatible with the 80-bit 3-button control key.

  • Ford Edge – 2011-2015
  • Ford Escape – 2013-2016
  • Ford Expedition – 2015-2017
  • Ford Explorer – 2011-2015
  • Ford F-150 – 2011-2014
  • Ford Flex – 2013-2015
  • Ford Focus – 2012-2014
  • Ford Fusion – 2013-2016
  • Ford Mustang – 2015-2017
  • Ford Taurus – 2013-2015

Undoubtedly, an 80-bit 3-button key offers a wide range of advanced features and functionalities that translate into multiple advantages for Ford drivers. 

If you are thinking of replacing your common key with one like the one we presented to you, make sure to contact an automotive locksmith in California from Key Depot. This way, you will avoid errors in choosing the correct key according to the year and model of your car. 

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