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Differences between Versa and X-Trail Remote Keys

Car control keys or automotive remote controls are devices of great importance for any vehicle owner. This tool is essential as it is the only one capable of opening and closing doors, deactivating alarm systems, and starting the car.

In the case of Nissan cars, there are a variety of remote chip keys that function according to the vehicle they belong to. Among them are the Versa, the X-Trail, and the CWTWB1U751 model, which may appear similar at first glance and cause confusion when using them.

This situation can be repetitive and even annoying for users. That’s why today, the locksmiths in California from Key Depot bring you information on how to identify the differences between these three Nissan remote keys.

Knowing these differences will not only help avoid confusion but will also be useful when requesting the correct key in case it is lost or stolen. If you want to know the main differences in Nissan keys, keep reading and discover them below.

Nissan Remote Key Models

As mentioned earlier, these three Nissan remote keys are often confused due to their physical characteristics. However, we will see below that they have contrasting points.

This will be useful when making a copy of the automotive key because you can accurately communicate the characteristics to your trusted locksmith in California and avoid confusion.

Characteristics of the CWTWB1U751 Nissan Remote Key

The CWTWB1U751 Nissan remote key is a high-quality smart key designed for use in Nissan vehicles and is compatible with various car models. Additionally, it can be distinguished between the Versa and X-Trail remote control by the difference in buttons.

Its design is based on 3 or 4 buttons that allow users to lock and unlock the doors of their car remotely. Additionally, this key also has a panic button that helps you locate your car more easily. Its 4-button model allows you to open the car trunk without unlocking all the doors.

Finally, its rectangular design is usually wider than other Nissan remote keys. The lock and unlock buttons are located at the ends of the key and are not as visible.

Characteristics of the Versa Remote Key

The Nissan remote key for the Versa has 4 buttons that allow you to open and close doors, as well as a panic button. Unlike the previous model, this key also has a trunk opening button.

Similar to the CWTWB1U751 automotive key, radiofrequency technology is essential for communication with the car, providing great efficiency and security. Regarding programming, this key is compatible with different Nissan models and requires the use of specialized equipment to perform programming and synchronization with the vehicle correctly.

This operation is usually quick to execute, and the car key can be used immediately after the configuration is finished. Like the following remote control, the Versa automotive key operates at a frequency of 315 MHz, which is ideal for this type of vehicle and increases security levels as it is complemented with a CR1620-type button. 

Characteristics of the X-Trail Remote Key

Compared to the previous two keys, the X-Trail remote control slightly changes its physical design. Its rectangular shape is even wider, although the control buttons are still located at the ends.

It also allows, like other keys, the activation and deactivation of doors and alarm systems. However, this key also manages the opening and closing of the trunk and the closing of the sunroof. This varies depending on the car models, as not all of them have these features.

Although its additional functions are minimal, the comparison and points of differentiation between the keys become crucial when synchronizing and programming any of them in cars with which they are not compatible.

Not all of these keys work correctly with the same vehicle models, so it is important to keep in mind that these slight variations can hinder the proper configuration of the correct key with the car’s system.

The different models of Nissan keys can be easily confused, but having the correct information about their differences will make it less complicated to identify them. We hope that the content we shared with you today has been useful.

Remember that for the proper programming of your remote control, we recommend visiting your nearest Key Depot locksmith in California. There, you will know the correct model for your car and ensure the installation of your remote key.

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