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The different types of keys you can find

There are a variety of systems and devices used for locksmith proposes. An example is the types of locks you can find to protect different properties, as explained in the last post. If you have not read this content, we recommend you to have a look so you can stay informed in case you need an installation of high-security locks or a change of your old ones. 

But other devices that are extremely important to protect the entrances and even to start the engine of your vehicle are the keys. Thanks to them, you can lock and unlock countless doors to prevent illegal trespassing to your house, office, or even businesses. 

And just as there are significant amounts of locks with diverse security systems and ways of opening, there are also different types of keys you can find with the help of locksmiths in California

To know more about these devices, our team prepared today’s article where we will explain the characteristics of these keys and their applications. So, if you are interested in this content, keep reading so you can have the information needed before asking a professional for a key duplicate.

1.- Traditional Keys

The first type of key we will talk about is the traditional key, also known as residential or house key. These are the most common ones to lock and unlock different doors. One of their characteristics is that they have a lateral section with unique patterns that match the internal system of the locks to move the pin tumblers and open the security device.  

Traditional keys are often fabricated in different shapes and sizes, depending on the type of lock they are designed for. These keys provide a good level of protection if you want to protect residential entrances or businesses with a low risk of attempted burglary. 

2.- Skeleton Keys

Of the most unconventional keys are the skeleton keys, they can have the appearance of traditional keys with the difference that they are used to open multiple locks with a single key. How is this possible? These devices are designed to have a simple pattern that can fit into a wide range of special locks that allow this type of key. 

Their functionality is useful for specific purposes such as the control of different rooms in hotels, and entrances in public spaces such as museums or industrial contexts where key masters need to access different areas without having multiple key copies. 

3.- Transponder Keys

As we mentioned before, keys can be helpful not only for residential doors, but they are also special keys for automotive purposes, an example of this is the transponder keys. They are electronic keys that come with modern vehicles equipped with an immobilizer system to increase their security.

Transponder keys contain a small microchip that communicates with the vehicle’s computer system to allow the car to start. They provide an extra layer of security as they cannot be easily duplicated. To get a key copy for your key contact a professional locksmith in California, they have the tools and knowledge to do a successful transponder key programming.

4.- Smart Keys

Smart keys are another type of electronic key used in modern vehicles. They work similarly to transponder keys, but they also have additional features such as keyless entry and push-button ignition. Smart keys use radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to communicate with the vehicle. As well as transponder keys, they need the services of locksmith professionals to create a duplicate, which is why they are the most secure type of keys for automotive purposes.

5.- Card Keys

There are keys with a variety of designs and unlocking systems, and the card keys are one of the most unconventional. Their design allows better handling thanks to their compactness and lightness. Generally, they are used for hotels and office buildings where there are a large number of rooms to access.

Like smart and transponder keys they need to be programmed to unlock specific doors, once they are programmed with specific code access, they can be inserted into readers of door locks, this way users can open the entrances without using a heavy object such as traditional keys. Card keys can be coded to provide access to certain areas of a building, depending on the user’s clearance level.

6.- Fingerprint Keys

Fingerprint keys are a type of biometric key that uses the user’s fingerprint to provide access. They are common for high-security applications such as government buildings and research facilities. They also provide a high level of security as each person’s fingerprint is unique.

7.- Keypad Keys

When it comes to electronic keys there is another type that is out of the conventionalities since it is not a physical key like the one we mentioned before, we are talking about the keypad keys. This alternative to unlocking the entrance systems uses a combination of numbers or letters to provide access safely and easily. 

They are commonly used in residential and commercial settings. Keypad keys can be programmed with the help of a locksmith in California to provide access to multiple users, and the combination can be changed frequently to provide additional security.

8.- Key Fobs

On the other hand, we have key fobs, commonly used for the protection of vehicles. They are small electronic devices that provide remote access to a vehicle or building with electronic and smart locks.

The accessibility of these keys makes them ideal for commercial and residential entrances because they can unlock doors from distance without additional effort. Key fobs can also be used to start a car remotely, making them a convenient feature for many drivers.

Keys play an essential role in providing access and security to our homes, cars, and workplaces. As you could see from this article there are many different types of keys available, each with its unique features and applications.

We hope that this information can be helpful to you to understand a little bit better the features and benefits of each type of key so you can choose the right one for your needs. Remember that if you need some locksmith services, at Key Depot we are ready to attend to all of your needs, contact us and we will be at your disposal immediately. 

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