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The most popular chip keys in the USA

One thing that you can never forget when it comes to driving your automobile is the key. With this object, you can start the engine of the car, and when it comes to modern cars they also have other functions that secure the wellness of your property. This is why every car that is manufactured nowadays comes with chip keys. 

If you are aware of the content we make for our blog, you must have read about the different types of keys you can find, and one of them is the car keys also known as transponder or chip keys. These objects have become an important part of the daily life of users all around the world, including in the US.

But, as well as there is a vast diversity of car models, you can also find various types of chip keys depending on the car that uses them to start its engine and to unlock the doors. For you to identify what kind of keys there are on the market, our team prepared today’s article about the characteristics of the most popular chip keys in the US.

If you want to know more about this topic, we recommend you to keep reading, this way you will be able to understand a little bit more about the common type of car keys in case you need to recognize your keys for any locksmith in California services. Without further ado, let’s start with this information. 

What are chip keys?

First of all, we need to explain what chip keys are for you to completely understand their functions. Chip keys are devices that use high identification technology via radiofrequency (RFID) to establish communication with a vehicle’s security system. 

With these characteristics, keys have the ability to be the only devices that can start the engine of the cars, as well as open their doors, which brings higher protection to the vehicles that function with them. 

Even when these devices work by the same principle of technology, as we mentioned before, there are a variety of models. In addition to this information, we will detail some of the most popular chip keys for cars in the USA.

1.- Ford

The first car keys or transponder keys that we will talk about are Ford’s. These keys are also known as “PATS” keys (Ford Anti-Theft System), they have a microchip inside their case that is programmed to communicate with the security system of the vehicle. 

One of the main characteristics of these keys is that once you insert them into the automotive start, the security system verifies the chip code to coincide with the system code. This way the car allows the user to start the engine with the right key to avoid theft.

2.- General Motors (GM)

Another of the most popular car keys is the one from General Motors (GM), known as “Passkey”. These types of keys have a transponder that transmits a unique identification signal to the security system, with this technology, modern cars of this brand have the needed protection to avoid manipulation to unlock the vehicle without the programmed key. 

As General Motors keys require a transponder to start the engine of their cars, professionals like automotive locksmiths in California and the original manufacturers are the only ones capable of doing a key duplicate. 

3.- Toyota

Toyota also has very common chip keys in the US, their keys are also known as “Smart Keys”. The programmed keys of this brand use radiofrequency technology like the keys we mentioned beforehand in this article. Because of this type of system, the keys require a specific distance ratio for the vehicle to recognize the code and allow the unlock of doors and give access to the start of the car. 

In case you have a Toyota model and you have problems opening the doors with these devices you need to corroborate the distance between you and your vehicle, because it may be too distant for it to detect it. If you keep having problems with your keys it is better if you contact a locksmith in California to help you with this type of service.

4.- Honda

Honda chip keys are another popular model in the US because of the demand and popularity of its vehicles. These car keys have the feature that some of them integrate the key fob in the same device, this way it’s more comfortable for users to have only one device to open and start the automobile engine. 

As the keys we mentioned before, Honda keys also use radiofrequency technology for the system to identify the signal of the immobilizer code. With this verification, the cars are more secure against illegal unlocking.

5.- Nissan

The Nissan chip keys have the main characteristic that, like the Honda keys, you only need one device to unlock and start the vehicle. These devices include an intelligent key and a conventional car key in case the batteries need a replacement. In that instance, you can use the normal key to open the vehicle while you wait for the assistance of a locksmith in California. 

They are called “Intelligent Keys” because they use a technology that allows them to open the car from the distance. Modern Nissan vehicles are characterized by including a start button that only needs to be pressed to start the engine once the car detects the code of the key by radiofrequency.

As you may notice from this article, there’s a variety of chip keys in the US market and the most common devices use high technology to bring extra protection and security to vehicles and their users. Thanks to their features the keys have become a difficult device to duplicate, fortunately, the services of professionals like automotive locksmiths can complete these kinds of tasks.

That is why you can contact reliable locksmiths in California like the ones we have at Key Depot. If you need help reprogramming your chip keys or acquiring a duplicate of any of these types of car keys do not hesitate to call us, we are available for you 24/7. We are ready to assist you.

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